Most orders are ‘Made To Order’. I do not carry many holds in stock, as it is impossible to know what type of holds and which colour orders you would like.
Once an order comes in, I then make the holds, which may take some time, depending on the size and colour of your order.
Please feel free to contact us first, if you have special time frames that are needed.


X-es Climbing Holds has been making climbing holds since 1997. I am currently the third owners of the business since 2013.
We are an Australian owned small business. Our holds are manufacture by hand and by me, which means that each hold gets individual attention. They are not imported from overseas.
I source all our ingredients and materials from local companies and use recycled/re-used packaging for wrapping and posting materials. Each hold is wrapped individually before boxing.
Our climbing holds are perfect for indoor or outdoor applications.
They are also more UV stable than other plastic holds.


I use our own product called ‘Polymecia’. (this is PE not PU).
This incorporates our own specially formulated Polymer Plastic and a unique, 4 part bonding additive. This has created a product that is extremely durable and well suited to climbing hold production, with fantastic wear characteristics (do not polish with use, like some urethane plastic – PU) and are UV stable for outdoor use.
MOUNTING INFO – These type of holds MUST be mounted on flat surfaces ONLY. Rough, curved or flexible surfaces are not suitable, as the holds will not flex. These are walls like brick, rough concrete, firbreglass or textured climbing walls.

In 2015, I received some of our holds back from an indoor climbing gym, that were purchased pre 2003. Even after 12 years of being climbing on by 1000’s & 1000’s of people, their textures were still in great condition and the holds were still very usable. They were only retired due to their ‘outdated style’.


James is a Qualified Indoor Climbing Instructor and Outdoor Climbing and Abseiling Guide.
I often take families and climbers out on day trips in the Blue Mountains NSW, as part of our other business ‘Hawkesbury Hangout Climbing P/L’.
Please contact me if you would like to learn how to climb or would like to be taken on a day trip outdoor climbing or abseiling.
I also climb regularly at indoor gyms in the Sydney area.
I’m a committee member for the ‘Dargans Creek Reserve Trust‘, which is a Reserve near Lithgow in the Blue Mountains. The Reserve has a rock climbing spot called ‘Dam Cliffs’, ‘Cosmic County’ and ‘The Freezer’.
I outdoor rock climb regularly, climbing mostly in the Blue Mountains but also travel to other locations around Australia (when time permits).


Each hold has an inserted stainless steel washer. This means the bolt has a secure mounting area and will not rust if used outdoors. For applications where the climbing holds will be taken on and off the wall regularly, as for indoor climbing gyms, the smaller, offset screw hole can also be fitted with a stainless steel tapered washers. This will increase the life of the hole and prevent ‘chewing out’ of the hold.


Industry standards have now moved towards climbing holds having an offset screw hole. This eliminates holds rotating when mounted. Most holds will not rotate when just using the bolt, but if they do for any reason, an 8g offset screw can be used.


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