Do you like to CLIMB TO EXCESS
Then you should be climbing on X-es Climbing Holds!

Thanks for dropping into X-es Climbing Holds!
We are a small, family run climbing holds manufacturing business, that have been operating since 1997.

We have supplied 1000’s and 1000’s of climbing holds for –

  • Indoor Climbing Gyms.
  • Mobile climbing wall companies.
  • School Camp and Adventure Training facilities.
  • Kids cubbyhouse climbing walls.
  • Daycare centers.
  • Landscape Companies.
  • Gymnasiums.
  • Fitness Gyms.
  • Rock climbers for use on their home training climbing walls (‘woody wall’).

Our climbing holds have proven to be very durable and are perfect for indoor or outdoor applications. Please click on our About tab to find out more.

If you have a climbing wall project in mind, then we are always interested to hear about your plans and are more than happy to help you with selecting the climbing holds that will suit your application.
Please feel free to contact us for any help.

If you would like some cheap holds, then have a look at our secondhand holds. Click here.
  10 holds for $30.
Go to the drop down box and click on ‘Secondhand’.
Then read description for more details.

We supply Moduplay.
Australia’s leading playground equipment company.
moduplay-wall‘HOUSE RULES’
Our climbing holds were used in the 2016 final house yard renovation for the Channel 7 reality TV show ‘House Rules’.
Big thanks to Claire and Hagan for using our climbing holds.
climbing wall 1 climbing wall 4 climbing wall 3 climbing wall 2